Posted on: September 2, 2008 9:50 am

Hard-Luck - Bad Luck

You know I don't know if the title describes what I'm trying to say.  "Hard luck" pretty much means "bad luck".  I wouldn't say that the teams I've been a fan of have had "bad luck" over the past few years.  If you haven't checked my profile, I'm a fan of Kansas State basketball and football, the KC Chiefs and Royals. 

I guess I could start with the KSU basketball team.  Last year was great.  Michael Beasley might have, in one quick wave of his hand, changed the course of K-State basketball.  Michael’s presence alone for the short time he was here changed how KSU is perceived.  They are getting talent now.  The 2008 draft class isn’t marquee by anyone’s standards, but they are getting in players that can make a difference.  Looking down the road at the 2009 class, KSU already have a 4 and a 5 star player and don’t appear to be done.  Frank Martin and Delonte Hill have done a phenomenal job on the recruitment trail and the future of KSU basketball looks extremely bright.

KSU football…..very promising start to last season.  We go into Austin and beat the Longhorns.  We looked good doing it.  I know a lot can be blamed on injuries, but losses to Iowa State, Nebraska, Fresno State and even Kansas can’t.  KSU looked like they gave up last year and that was the most disappointing part of it.  Needing one win to get to a bowl game, they pissed their chances right down their legs.  I live in Lincoln, Ne.  It can be difficult living in Cornchucker Nation as a K-State fan, especially after last year’s debacle. 

Go Chiefs!!  As of right now we’re undefeated heading to New England.  Yeah, that’s the last time I’ll be able to say Kansas City Chiefs and undefeated in the same sentence.  5 wins this year is looking good.  Looking at the message boards I see we have a lot of Homers predicting 8-10 wins by our beloved Chiefs.  God bless you guys!!  It’s your optimism that keeps me cheering for this sad-storied franchise.  We have no chance this year, we’re going to both lose and not win games we shouldn’t.  To have a successful year you have to win games you shouldn’t.  Winning just the games you should only works for teams like New England.  However, they were one short.  New York won the games they shouldn’t.  Brodie Croyle isn’t the answer.  He shouldn’t even be the short term fix.  He doesn’t have the mental makeup or physical endurance to play QB in the NFL.  He’s a good Damon Huard, or at least should be someday.  Here’s hoping for a good QB to fall into our lap in the next couple years.  Or maybe King Carl will be asked to resign.  I’d be happy either way.

Every chance I get I still turn on FSKC and watch the Royals.  I think it’s a sickness.  It’s some sort of mental self mutilation ritual that I continually perform on myself.  Watching this team actually makes me feel ill.  This was supposed to be the year in which we could spot improvement.  Alex Gordon was supposed to hit .285 with 25 homers and 100 RBI’s.  Billy Butler was supposed to hit .300 with 20 dingers.  Jose Guillen was supposed to play baseball and not be such a………well, lazy dick!!  What happens during the course of a season?  We scratch and claw to get within one game of .500 and then Monday, May 19th happens.  We lose 7-0 to Boston and get no hit in the process.  That loss is the first of 12 straight losses.  It’s been ugly.  KC has shown flashes of being competitive, not brilliance or dominance, but just being competitive.  We are supposed to be improving.  We look worse than last year.  We lose games because Brian Bannister, who happens to be pitching his only competitive game out of his last 10, can’t field a pop-up.  I dropped a pop-up once… 6th grade.  I felt like such a loser.  How hard is it to catch a pop-up?  We don’t have a focus and that is the fault of Trey Hillman.  I like Hillman, I really do, but he needs to show that he can lead a team without a heart.  He needs to show that he can produce results.  Right now it looks as if we’ll never again see the greatness that used to be the Kansas City Royals.

It’s been a difficult couple of years.  The last true bright spot for me was watching K-State beat OU in the Big 12 title game in 2003.  Other than that, true victories come to few and far between.  It’s hard watching KU grow in power as a football program, even if it’s short-lived.  It’s hard watching them win a Nat’l Championship in basketball.  It’s gotta be easy to be a KU fan.  It’s easy to tell because they so easily run their mouths.  They have every right to talk it up in basketball, because they’ve been there before.  They are storied and longtime great.  However, in football, they feel because of their Cinderella football season, in which they played one true good team, they can talk the trash like they’ve been there before.  Virginia Tech was weak.  Pretty much the same team just got beat by East Carolina.  Reality will eventually catch back up to these KU football fans and they will crawl back into their holes.  But still, they give me hope.  They give me hope that one of my teams can field a winner.  They give me hope that one of my teams will play in a meaningful game more than halfway thru the season.  They give me hope that this “hard luck”, “bad luck” fan will see some lucky days ahead.     

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